Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday was Krista and Molly's birthday, so we went to Chris' parents' house in the afternoon. We didn't do much of anything during the day because Scott wasn't feeling well. He was having stomach problems all day.

The girls' party was nice. It was nice to see the Paras' new house - very beautiful! One of the highlights of the party for me was that Danielle started really walking a lot more! Before Sunday, she just took a few steps and then fell or decided to crawl. Sunday was the first day that she really tried to walk to get from place to place. It was so sweet to see.

Jaden had fun playing with the girls at the party. It was a bit difficult to get him to sit still while they opened their presents (he wanted to play with their toys!), but overall, we had a very nice evening.


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