Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The highlight of today for Jaden was getting the tent out. I took some pictures of it. I got this new idea in my head that I want to take some pictures every day that represent the "special" thing that happened that day. I guess I figure that something special happens every day, even if it's just some little cute thing that Jaden or Danielle did. I thought this journal would help me document the thing that I took pictures of that day, especially if it's just a small moment.

So, today, Jaden said - "I want you to put up the tent that's in the tent box." It was so cute - I have no idea when he saw the tent box up in his closet, but he must have seen it recently. So, I got the tent out and put it together. Jaden had a ball in it - He took every "camping accessory" out of the box and brought it in the tent with him, including a flashlight. Danielle liked the tent too - from the outside. She seemed to have no desire to get in. So, she just stood on the outside while he was inside. He would push out at her and she would giggle and push right back. They had lots of fun.

The bad thing about today is that Scott found a tick on Sota's ear. It was huge - it had obviously been there for awhile. I was all freaked out because I was so afraid that he could have had another tick that already fell off. According to the dog book, once a tick has eaten enough, he falls off and then has 5000 larva!! I was so freaked out at the possibility of having 5000 ticks in the house. I'm still a bit nervous that the kids could get bitten by a tick and get lyme disease or something. Urgh!

Of course, the tick incident occurred just before I needed to leave to meet Mary to go see the Star Wars movie. I was really excited about actually going to a movie with a friend. I was hoping that it would make me feel more connected to someone - lately, I don't feel like I really have any true friends. It's hard for me to feel like I don't have any substantial relationships with people who aren't in my family.

So, I went to the movie, and it was good - Unfortunately, a movie is not a particularly bonding event because you don't end up talking much to the person you go with. But, it was still a nice thing to do. I had actually just watched the second Star Wars movie during the day today, since I hadn't seen it yet. So, today was a very Star Wars-ful day!


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