Friday, July 15, 2005

Today the kids and I went to visit Linda and the girls in New Berlin. Jaden loved Krista and Molly's new swingset! I was pretty darn impressed myself. It's really almost like having a little park in their backyard. There is a 30x30 area sectioned off with railroad ties and the whole area has woodchips in it. It has their swingset, teeter totter, playhouse and sandbox in it. Pretty nifty! Of course, it also cost quite a bit - apparently the gravel and woodchips cost more than twice the swingset! But, it sure turned out neat!

While we were there, I told Linda about the fact that we are pursuing the adoption of little Louis. She seemed really excited and wanted to hear all of the details. I even showed her his picture on the website.

Then, tonight, I called Scott's mom to tell her about everything. She and Linda are driving to St. Louis tomorrow to see little Baby Spencer. I didn't want Linda to feel weird and not be able to say anything to Elaine about it, so I wanted to make sure to call and tell her myself tonight.

Other than that, not much to say about today. I called a homestudy agency and they are sending us a packet with information and an application. We went in the pool after Scott got home from work. That's about it.

I couldn't sleep tonight, so I ended up staying up till 12:30 AM, writing a letter to Mike Breaux. I really hope that Willow can do something to raise awareness about adoption and possibly even raise money to go toward adopting families. It breaks my heart to see so many children waiting.


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