Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Really not much to say about the day today. I was pretty tired most of the day because I got so little sleep last night. Took a nap during the kids' nap.

They are working on our street now and they poured cement, but didn't tell anyone - so now everyone drove through it and there's cement marks everywhere. Seems like they would have closed off the road and told people to park someplace else. Oh well! (Got a picture of the cement and Scott's tires). Oops! Scott just informed me that I was being silly about the concrete. Apparently, they just cut a groove in the concrete that is already there. When they cut it, it creates dust which then gets wet. So, I thought that they had poured concrete when really they had just cut the road! Silly me!

I noticed today that Danielle is able to stand up without holding onto anything now. It amazes me how much she chooses to walk instead of crawl now.

Scott helped Jaden ride his bike to the park today! He rode all the way there. I got a distant shot of them going. I was going to get a picture of him riding back, but instead I got a picture of Scott carrying Jaden and the bike back! It was pretty cute. Scott said that Jaden did a great job riding all the way to the park, though.

When Jaden and Scott got back, we all stayed outside for a little while. Jaden's newest thing is that he wants to pull Danielle in the wagon. He actually does amazingly well.

This evening, I sent an email to a woman from Until All Have Homes, which is a group that helps find homes for special needs children. I wanted to know if a child that I had heard about on the Deaf Adoption Yahoo group was still available. He is a little boy named Louis, who is in Haiti. He had encephalitis, and because of this, is now deaf.


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