Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today, after church, Scott and I worked on winterizing the pool. Scott had to go to Menards and pick up some things so that he could fix the main drain valve. The valve was broken, so the main drain line wasn't airtight. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to working on the pool. In order for Scott to fix the valve, Scott thought that we would need to cover the drain itself. This meant that I would have to get in the pool and cover the drain. It was chilly outside and I knew that in the pool it would be COLD! I did NOT want to go in! Luckily, while I was busy being sulky, Scott was busy devising an alternative plan. He taped a kneeling pad to the bottom of a bucket and then weighted the bucket down with rocks. Then, he tied two ropes to the bucket. We put it in the water and slowly pulled it until it was over the drain. Unfortunately, we couldn't get it to cover the drain completely. By this time, however, Scott was in the "alternative plan" mode of thinking and he determined that we could put a rag with a string in the pipe to block the water and then pull the rag out. That worked out well. Scott was able to replace the valve. Now all we have to do is get the cover on, which I'm sure won't be fun!

Danielle was acting like she was feeling kind of sick today. After we worked on the pool, I went and got her up from her nap. She just kept crying. She didn't want me to put her down at all. I had to help Jaden get dressed so that he could go outside and play with Scott for a little while, and she wouldn't stop crying at all after that. Finally, after an hour or so, she pooped and finally calmed down. The poop was pretty nasty, so I'm sure it was her stomach that was bothering her. She also had a fever earlier in the day. Guess we won't be going to playgroup tomorrow.


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