Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I took the kids to the library this morning. It was fun, but Danielle got a bit cranky by the time we left, since we skipped her morning nap. Plus, she wants to keep RUNNING. That's her new thing. She wants to run away from me all the time and finds it so much fun to make me chase her. That gets frustrating after awhile. I wanted to stay until 11:30 because I needed to stop at Jaden's school to drop off his fundraising orders.

Tonight we had our second sign language class at Center on Deafness. We had a sub who was Deaf, and it was great to "talk" with her. It was interesting to hear her perspective on growing up oral/signed English and then learning ASL later in life (when she was a teenager). The class was really good and we were glad to talk to her. We also talked to another woman whose daughter got a cochlear implant when she was one. This class is great because we're able to connect to people with real experience with deafness (whereas most people that we were in class with at Harper were just there to try and work toward an interpreting career or because they were curious about sign language).


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