Thursday, July 07, 2005

So, today was playgroup day. We went to Mary and Dana's house. Jaden SO looks forward to playing with his friends. I love how excited he gets about seeing them. He is so cute and eager and he plays so well with them now. It just really makes playgroup a great experience. Plus, now that the kids can keep themselves occupied without fighting over toys, us moms are able to talk a lot more.

I put Jaden down for his nap at 1 PM today, and he went to sleep almost right away. Guess I need to be putting him down earlier.

Tonight, Scott and I went to a Mundelein neighborhood Willow Creek meeting. At first, we weren't sure how much we were going to connect with the people there. Most of them were much older than us - many had grandchildren. There was only one other couple that seemed close to our age. But, the further into the meeting that we got, the more we felt at ease and realized that we really do share something with these people, simply by living near them. We were both excited at the prospect of getting involved in some "compassion" activities right here in Mundelein. In October, Willow is going to be celebrating its 30 year anniversary and 30 days of compassion. We are definitely looking forward to doing something for that.

We were also inspired by the "Love your neighbor" theme of the meeting. We both agree that we should try harder to reach out to our new neighbors here - Maybe have a barbeque or something. At the very least, we should open up and try to meet people a bit more often.

So, overall, I think we're excited about this new group of people. Hopefully we can continue to participate in the monthly meetings. Luckily, a couple of the people said that they could hook us up with a babysitter!


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