Saturday, July 16, 2005

Today, was part-busy, part-lazy. We spent the first part of the day lounging in the pool. I decided to bake a cake, just for the heck of it and Danielle was really cute - she managed to spread the chocolate all over her face and then she would yell "Yaaaaa!" with this huge smile on her face. Oh boy!

Scott and I made a run to the grocery store, then went to the HOBO (Home Owners Bargain Outlet) store. Then we went to Ponderosa and did a secret shop there. The dinner was alright, but not that great. Luckily, we got it for free since it was for a secret shop.

After dinner, Scott and I went to Menards and bought new storm doors for the front and back. I can't believe how hard it was to pick out just a couple of storm doors. We stressed so much just over what color to get. Oh well.


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