Saturday, September 17, 2005

Today was the Promiseland drama team kick-off. It was fun - it was great to have Michael there. I'm really excited that he's joined the team. Scott and the kids went to Great America with my mom, his parents, Linda and the girls. He didn't have much fun, though. I guess it was pretty busy. Plus, he had just had a bad morning. Jaden peed his pants twice in the morning. Poor Honey!

I got home a bit before 2:00 and ended up doing about an hour and a half on Encapsolution work. It was good to get something done for a change!

We put the kids to bed a bit early, since they hadn't had a nap (well, Danielle had a morning nap, but not an afternoon one). Then, Scott, my mom and I watched "Guess Who" which was I thought was a really good comedy. It was interesting because it dealt with race issues (the story is about a young black woman and young white man who get engaged - she doesn't tell her parents that he's white before they meet him, though), but it doesn't get too preachy and it doesn't gloss over the issues either. I liked it.


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