Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jaden did better with his potty training today - no accidents. I was really worried that he was going to have an accident at school, but he did fine. Even more importantly, he had generally better behavior today. Scott talked to Miss Moll this morning and said that we might like to meet with her to talk about how we can work on Jaden's behavior at school. When I came to pick Jaden up, we talked about it briefly and she said that he is really not misbehaving a lot more than the other kids. She said that she basically spends a lot of her day trying to round the kids up and that they are all learning, since this is the first time most of the kids have been in a pre-school environment. I was SO happy to hear that. It made me feel TONS better - I had been worrying that Jaden was having real behavior problems. So, I basically said that we would meet later if it still seemed necessary and that she should feel free to talk to us if he wasn't progressing at the same rate as the other kids. She said that he had done very well that day. It was such a relief!

I tried making the appointment with the psychiatrist again today, but still no luck. I guess maybe I should try another office.

Other than that, nothing too exciting about today. I made muffins for Jaden to take to school tomorrow, since it's his day to bring the snack. Then, while we were at the Bookmobile, Sota ate four of them! I was so mad! I was going to have to make more anyway, since the mix only made 12 and there are 14 kids in Jaden's class, but it was still pretty infuriating. So, I went grocery shopping tonight and didn't get back until after 9. Then, I had to make the other batch of muffins. Oh well - I think it was worth it.


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