Friday, December 23, 2005

A funnhy thing that Danielle does lately is that she tells us when she needs her diaper changed. She doesn't tell us with words, she points to her diaper repeatedly. Then, she will go and get the changing pad - and if I haven't gotten there yet, the wipes too. The other day, I went upstairs to get a diaper and when I came down she was laying on the changing pad, with the wipes next to her, waiting to be changed. What a cutie! Hopefully that means that she'll be easy to potty train.

My mom and I took the kids to the mall to see Santa today. We got there right at 12:30, which is apparently just when Santa takes his one hour lunch break. So, my mom stood in line with the kids while I did my last minute Christmas shopping (I had two more things to buy). I came back, brought Jaden to the bathroom, and then went upstairs to get McDonalds so that the kids could eat in line. I was really wishing that they would have had pagers like they had at the Spring Hill Mall last year - that way you only had to stay in line for about 15 minutes!

Other than that, not much to say about today. We put together Jaden's desk and we downloaded info for Danielle's "Dora Knows My Name." I straightened up a bit around the house and Scott wrapped his presents - That's about it.


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