Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well, we had a pretty nice Christmas Eve, except for the fact that I was sick. I slept in, so that was good at least. By the time people got here, I was feeling a bit better (I took some medicine, and that helped).

This was the first time that Sharon and Joel had been here, so we showed them around the house. It was good to see Spencer again - he was being such a cutie.

Opening presents was fun. Danielle was having a great time throwing the wrapping paper away. She was way more excited about that than the presents. It was really cute watching her run to the garbage can after each present. Of course, it was a bit worrisome when she started throwing toys in the garbage!

Poor Jaden didn't have many presents, but he was really good about it. Scott's parents got a membership at the Kohl Children's Museum for both Jaden and Danielle and the present that Sharon and Joel ordered from Home Interiors didn't come yet, so Jaden only had two things from Linda to open. When he opened the membership, he turned to Grandma and said, "But where's the toy?" It was pretty cute. Amazingly, though, he seemed to be relatively happy bringing presents to other people and helping me, Scott and Danielle open our presents. I was really impressed with how good he was. After everyone left, though, he did say, "The people didn't bring me many presents." It made my heart want to break because he was so sweet about it. I explained to him that his Grandma and Grandpa gave him something that would let us go to a real fun museum and that Auntie Sharon and Uncle Joel gave him a neat picture that he would be able to hang in his room, but it just didn't come yet. He seemed satisfied and didn't comment on it again.

I got a towel holder and toilet paper holder for the bathroom, which I was very happy about. My goal is to work on re-decorating one room at a time - now I can start with the bathroom (or maybe with the kids rooms once the Home Interiors stuff gets here).


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