Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jaden woke up with a cold today. He probably got it from Promiseland, but what can you do? Hopefully, he'll feel well enough for us to go to Great America on Friday.

I wrote an email to Robin today and sent it to Scott to see if it sounded okay. I basically said that we had found out further information about encephalitis and that we didn't think that we were equipped to deal with the issues that could come from it. I took Deb's advice to heart and decided that I needed to assume that if Scott wasn't feeling right about this that perhaps it was me that wanted this adoption and not God.

But, when Scott wrote me back, he asked if I was convinced that this was the right thing to do - he said that he was having a hard time closing the door on Louis.

Scott came home from lunch to bring me a new cord for my laptop. We discovered that Danielle had bitten through my old one when it started flaming yesterday! Luckily, we were sitting right next to it when it happened, because otherwise we could have had an actual fire! I was pretty upset at the fact that Danielle had bitten the cord, but Scott said that it's really low voltage and wouldn't have hurt her. Still pretty scary.

Anyway, when Scott came home, we discussed Louis some more. Surprisingly, Scott said that he didn't want to say no quite yet. He suggested that we email Robin and try to find out some more about the type of encephalitis he had, how he is developing and whether or not he has ever had any seizures, etc.

I did email Robin, and got a response back from her. She didn't have much more information to give, but she did say that he had one seizure the day he got sick and hasn't had one since. She also said that he is developing completely on track for a child in Haiti.

I talked to Scott on the phone while he was waiting at the airport. He is flying to Las Vegas for work tonight and his flight has been delayed. I was expecting him to say that he didn't feel like the email gave us much more information, but instead he said that the email gave him a much greater sense of peace about the adoption. We talked about it and agreed that Louis is a normal little boy developmentally right now. As far as the future, we have no guarantees, but for now we are going to continue moving forward with the homestudy. We're just going to have to trust that God is with us through all of this and that He is not out to sabotage us. Things might be hard, but I think we can handle it.

I took some pictures of the kids playing with the soccer ball today. It's so cute to see them playing together now. The three of us were rolling the ball back and forth, having a grand old time!


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