Sunday, September 04, 2005

Had a pretty good day today. The service at church was about the Bible and understanding the key message of the Bible. Gene says that the Bible is all about "How God tries, throughout history, to restore relationship with people like us." It was a good message that reminded me that I need to pick up my Bible more often!

After church, we all went to brunch at a local pancake place. It was very busy, so it took awhile to get our food. But, I had some very good cherry crepes.

After we ate, we all took naps. The whole family! I knew it probably wasn't a good idea, since I haven't been sleeping well, but I was so tired! Of course, now I'm not tired at all. :-(

Scott set up some tables for me in the garage and I started sorting through things for the garage sale while he took the kids to the park. Unfortunately, that ended badly. Jaden threw sand at Danielle (twice) and then threw an absolute fit when Scott put him in the wagon to go home. Scott had pretty much had all he could take of Jaden by the time he got home. Luckily, bed time wasn't that far off. I fed the kids dinner and then we put them to bed shortly after.

Tonight, Scott and I watched the premiere of a new show called "Prison Break". Seems to be right up our alley - people are comparing it a lot to 24. We really enjoyed it.


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