Saturday, October 22, 2005

Today was a very full day. First of all, we put the cover on the pool. Well, really, Scott put the cover on the pool - I just gave him moral support as he crawled under the pool deck. Even the thought of going under there gave me the shivers.

After the kids' nap, we carved the pumpkin! Jaden and I drew the face (well, Jaden drew a face on the back of the pumpkin and I drew the face that we were really going to cut out) and Scott cut it. Scott thought that Jaden would like to pull the pumpkin guts out, but he wanted nothing to do with it. :-) We baked the pumpkin seeds and they were SO good!

This evening, Scott and I went on a date night! Scott got ready and he looked so nice that I decided I couldn't just wear the jeans and shirt that I was planning on wearing. I remembered how when we were in Haiti, Scott kept commenting on how nice I looked in the dress I was wearing, so I decided to wear a skirt and blouse. It's funny how self-conscious I was about whether or not I looked okay.

Scott and I went to dinner at Tsukasa. We used his coworker of the month money - I thought it was really sweet that he wanted to use the money to go out to dinner with me. The dinner was good, but we had to rush out afterward because the movie was starting in just a few minutes. We went to see Flight Plan, which we both really liked. Like most typical thrillers, it had some plot holes, but it was a really enjoyable movie. But, most of all, it was just really nice to have a date night with my Honey!


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