Sunday, December 25, 2005

This morning, it was so much fun to see Jaden come down and find his presents from Santa. Both he and Danielle seemed really excited about his craft desk. I think this is going to end up being a great present. Danielle wasn't as interested in her Dora doll as I thought she would be. We thought she would be thrilled about the fact that it says her name, but she didn't seem to care too much. She was more interested in Jaden's desk. In fact, the whole time that we opened presents, Danielle was more interested in sitting at that desk. Jaden was enjoying opening presents, but he actually had too many (which is ironic, since it didn't look like much to me and I wrapped some things separate so it would seem like more). He wanted to just sit and play with the toys he already had instead of opening more. Since Scott and I didn't really get each other any gifts (although he did wrap me up a gift card and he got me an electronic Yahtzee game), and Danielle wasn't really interested in opening her presents, there was no break in between Jaden's presents. That made it harder. But, overall, the morning went pretty well.

But, the best part of Christmas as far as the kids were concerned was once my parents came. First of all, Danielle was much more interested in the presents this time - she seemed to notice that, hey, there are toys in these wrapped packages. She really seemed to enjoy opening presents for the first time. Jaden also really enjoyed the present opening and Kyle definitely did. Even Alyce had more to open this year, since we got her scrapbooking stuff instead of just gift cards for clothes like we usually do. And since there were more people opening presents, Jaden got to play more in between his turns. That worked out much better. So, this was the best part of Christmas, as far as I was concerned.

Scott cooked a really good ham dinner (Alton Brown style) and we really just enjoyed the night. By the time we were done eating, though, I was starting to feel sicker again and was really wiped out. But, overall, it was a great day.


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