Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Today, my mom came over and we went to the mall while the kids were napping. We went to Casual Corner and I got some dress clothes (my mom bought them for me for my birthday). I don't really have many dress clothes that fit me anymore, so I was really happy to get some. I got a skirt, which I figured Scott would really like, and two shirts that can go with it. I also got a pair of pants, a shell and a blouse. I really like everything I got.

JCPenney had their Christmas stuff for 70% off, so I got three new stockings, stocking hangers and a couple of ornaments. They are so cute! I can't wait to put them up next year. I loved the fact that I was getting a stocking for Noah! I sent the translator the last documents this morning, so hopefully I'll be sending my dossier very soon!

I also got a pair of pajamas for Scott. He was a little bit bummed that he didn't get any presents on Christmas Day (he said he wished that he didn't feel that way, but he couldn't help it). So, I wrapped his pajamas (twice) and was really excited to give them to him. I then put the package on his pillow and waited for him to come home. But, when he got home, he never went upstairs! He usually goes upstairs as soon as he gets home, but today he didn't for some reason. It was driving me crazy! He didn't even go into our room when we put the kids to bed. We ended up all watching a movie (The Interpretor) and then finally I went upstairs and hid the present under his blanket. When he came up, he found it and was really happy. He especially liked that I had wrapped it twice (he wrapped my gift card in tons of plastic bags so that it would take me a long time to open it and then wrapped my other present twice). It was funny how happy that pair of pajamas made us - It was a great day!


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