Thursday, July 21, 2005

Not much to say about today. Scott was still in Las Vegas, so my mom came over. She is spending the night tonight so that she will be here in the morning and we can all go to Great America together.

I took a few pictures of Jaden playing with his sequencing book and his matching game. It really amazes me how good he is at these games - especially the Memory game. He can almost always remember where a card is once he's seen it once - he's almost better at the game than I am! I honestly wonder if he's got an above average memory for things like this.

One funny thing - My mom and I decided to watch a movie that I had gotten from Netflix. It ended up being about people who had encephalitis! At first, I thought, "I don't know if I want to see this." The people in the movie had become catatonic years after their illness. But, by the end of the movie, I really was struck by the feeling that those people deserved love as much as anyone else. When they "awoke" from their catatonia, they knew that people had come to visit them - they knew they were loved. Of course, I was also relieved to find that the type of encephalitis that they had was an epidemic that happened in the 20's and doesn't happen anymore.

Another interesting "coincidence" - Scott found out today that his boss, Doug was adopted and that he had encephalitis as a child. Doug said that he was really happy that his parents had adopted him, since they knew that he had many severe food allergies, which would be difficult to deal with. All of this just strengthened Scott's conviction that we are doing the right thing - Which I'm sure was God's plan!


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