Thursday, July 28, 2005

Today we went to playgroup at Mary's house. It was nice to see Jan and Marcia again - I hadn't seen them in awhile. I told everyone about little Louis and they all seemed supportive and happy to hear the news. It seems more real the more people we tell.

Danielle woke up before Jaden today and she was being so cute! She managed to climb up onto the couch by herself and then she proceeded to start kissing her leg. She would lean over and "mmmmmmppwaaaaahhh!" Really cute!! I even managed to get a few pictures of her doing it. Of course, once she saw that it amused me, she did it with even more flourish.

This evening, Jaden and I went to the bookmobile. They had three books on adoption on hold for me. I was very excited to get them. I've already read 60 pages of one of the books, which is on the issues of trans-racial adoption. It's been a really eye-opening book to read. It's interesting how I've managed to live such a color-blind life. I never really thought about the fact that the reason I am able to do that is because I'm white. African American people don't have the luxury of being color-blind because, no matter how the world has changed, there is always someone out there who will treat them badly because they are African American. It also never really occurred to me that, although our child will in many ways be growing up as a typical white American, when he is not with us, he will be seen as a typical African American. It's definitely good to read these things and to try to get a handle on the special needs that our child will have simply based on the fact that he is black.


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