Monday, July 25, 2005

Tonight, Scott and I did another Secret Shop - this time at Bennigans. We were really happy with both the food and the service.

I took the kids in the pool earlier in the day. Jaden swam around with just his water wings for the second time. We're so happy that he's now willing to do that. We were worried he was going to spend all of our pool time floating around in a boat!

I didn't end up getting any pictures today. My mom tried to take some while Scott and I were gone, but the batteries in the camera were dead. She thought that she got some of Jaden wearing Danielle's dress! (She would take one picture and then it would turn off). But, I didn't see them on the camera when I went into review mode, so I don't think it worked. Too bad, those pictures probably would have been cute - but Scott wouldn't have liked them!


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