Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today, I spent a long time looking through the library catalog (online) and finding books on adoption. I was really happy to see how many great books they have. I put three of them on hold.

Other than that, there's not much to say about today. I had to run to the bank and so we also stopped at McDonalds. I was hoping to find one with a play area, but no luck. The McDonalds in Libertyville was interesting, though - it was a really old-fashioned looking building with one arch on either side. It almost didn't look like a McDonalds at all and I wasn't sure if it really was one until I saw the name. Kind of interesting.

They started laying down asphalt on our street today. When we got back from McDonalds, they were just dumping the asphalt and it smelled kind of bad. Jaden said "Eeewwww!" and I must have laughed or something because for the rest of the day he kept saying, "I said eeewwww!" He thought he was so cute! He thought that the asphalt had fire in it because it was steaming so much. It was raining and the rain on the hot asphalt made for a lot of steam. I took a few pictures of it - it was pretty funny to see the guys huddled under an umbrella on top of a moving truck. Jaden was cute though - he kept saying, "Look at the fire on the car road!".


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