Friday, July 22, 2005

Today, we went to Great America. Scott got home from Las Vegas very late last night, so he slept in. We went to Great America at around 11:30.

Jaden absolutely loved going on the rides. He went on the Whizzer for the first time and loved it! As soon as the ride was over, he said "I want to ride again!" So, my mom and I went on it with him again (Scott and I rode it with him the first time). I thought he was going to ride with my mom, so I sat in the very first seat. But, Jaden insisted on riding with me - he rode in the first car of a rollercoaster and loved it! He just laughed the whole ride. When we were done, he once again said, "I want to ride again!" I said that we had to give other people a chance to ride and he said, "You're right. We have to share. We have to wait and then go on the rollercoaster again in a few minutes."

It was hot, so we also enjoyed going on the water rides. Jaden had fun, but hid under my arms after he got hit with a big wave. He still wanted to go again, of course!


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