Monday, August 15, 2005

Got a lot done again today. This morning, we went and visited the pre-school that I am hoping to sign Jaden up for. I was a bit bewildered as far as what to ask them. They had been doing a bunch of improvements to the building, so the place was a pretty big mess, and it was a bit hard to envision what the room would look like normally. But, that was understandable. The thing that made me worry just a teensy bit is that the man that I met with said that they don't really focus on learning in the 3 yr old room. It's more for social interaction. I was a bit concerned that it might just be a three hour period during which he plays with toys. But, then he talked about how they learn how to hold a pencil and that the do Bible stories and songs every day. I think that they will be learning, just not traditional "school" subjects. And I was very encouraged to hear how much the 4 yr olds learn.

After we visited Jaden's school, we went to the bank and got money orders for our I-600A form and for our fingerprinting. Then, we went to Kinkos and Fed-Exed the I-600A. The kids were very good, ecept they got pretty wild at Kinkos. I kept having to tell Jaden to stop playing with things and Danielle found a whole rack full of tubes that she thought was great fun to play with. And, of course, then Jaden thought that looked fun as well and he joined in. They guy was trying to ask me how I would like to send the documents while I was attempting to put tubes back into the metal holder. It was very crazy! Then, I asked him about printing labels online and he asked what types of things I usually send. I told him that I was adopting and would need to be sending a lot of things Fed-Ex. It didn't occur to me until I was driving away that he must have thought I was crazy! Here I am, fighting to keep two little children from wreaking havoc on the store (and losing the fight), saying casually, "Yeah, I'm adopting." He was probably thinking, "Are you insane?"

After Fed-Ex, we went to McDonalds and I let Jaden play in the play area for awhile. I was really glad to finally find a McDonalds in the area with a playground. I was beginning to think that none of them around here had one.

In the afternoon, I had to bring Danielle for her fifteen month appointment. This was pretty traumatic for her. She basically cried the entire time, even before they really did anything (she started crying when they turned her head to measure her and she never stopped). Poor little sweetie! It amazes me how different she is from Jaden. None of these things ever phased him. He never minded trips to the doctors office - he would cry for a second when he would get shots, but would usually stop as soon as I picked him up. She, on the other hand, was nearly hysterical the entire time! And then, to make things worse, just as Danielle was about to get her shots, Jaden peed! I had just made him go potty right before we left the house - I couldn't believe that he had an accident! And, of course, I hadn't brought the baby bag in, so I had nothing for him. Luckily, they had a diaper that would work for him (it was a bit small, but it worked out okay). I still had to pick up their immunization records (for the homestudy and for his pre-school). While I was getting them, he put the sippy cups in the toy oven that is in the office. When we got out to the van, I realized they were gone. I went back in and couldn't find them, of course. When I got back out, though, I asked Jaden where they were and he told me. Oh boy!


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