Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Today was our first homestudy visit. It seemed like it went very well. There were times, though, when you wondered about what she wasn't saying. For instance, she asked us about why we had decided to adopt and we told her honestly that we felt led to do it. I told her a very truncated version of the story of how I felt God told me that we should adopt. She just kind of nodded and didn't say anything. It felt so strange because we have no idea if she even believes in God - so the story was kind of hard to tell. But, overall, I think the visit went very positively. We are going to schedule our next visit later in the week.

I ended up taking Jaden to the doctor after the visit. Jaden's eye was starting to get red. Sure enough, he has pink eye in both eyes and nasty ear infections in both ears! We have to give him chewable antibiotics and eye drops (which is not fun!). Poor little buddy!


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