Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today was Honey's birthday!

I felt kind of bad because I hadn't done anything major for it. I ordered him a present, but it hadn't come yet. Oh boise! We were supposed to go to church in the morning, but it seems that Danielle is catching Scott's cold, so we decided to stay home instead. After Danielle's nap, we went to Scott's parents house, which was nice. We had a big sub sandwhich and Scott's favorite Baskin Robbins cake! Jaden had an accident on their kitchen chair, which wasn't fun - but he's slowly making progress on the potty training.

After we left Scott's parents' house, we decided to stop at my parents' house so that Jaden could see Grandpa. My dad had called earlier in the day to see if maybe he could ride his motorcycle over, but didn't, obviously, since we were going to Scott's parents'. It was a nice visit - Jaden sure loves all his grandparents!


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