Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's service at church was about romance. It was a good service, but it didn't feel very important to me because we don't really have issues in our marriage right now. But, Jaden seemed to have lots of fun at Promiseland and we got to see Martha and Michael again.

After church, we just hung out at home. Scott and I knew that we should get some things done, but we didn't end up working on anything. Oh well. In the evening, we did start going through the workbook that we got from the homestudy agency. It seems like a good study. It's already brought up some things that we hadn't really thought about before. For instance, it hadn't occurred to me before that Noah may have NEVER been alone before. He sleeps in a room with many other babies - there are always caretakers and other children around. I doubt that he has ever just been left in a room by himself. It might be very difficult for him to sleep in a room by himself when he gets home.


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