Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well, we ended up making another $85.50 by the end of the day. It was funny - the grill went at the very last minute. It had started to rain and we had pretty much given up on the garage sale when some landscaping guys came by with a big truck. They took the grill for $20, which we were happy about at that point. We just didn't want to have to have it sit in the back yard any longer. I also sold the baby swing for $25 - I was hoping to get $30 for it, but, again, I was just happy not to have to put it back in the basement. Another funny item that I sold was the Atari. I hadn't even brought it next door, but some guy asked if we had any video games. I told him that I had the Atari in our garage still. Scott and I had decided not to sell the main Atari, but I was willing to sell the one without any joysticks. The guy would only give me $15 for it and he picked out one game (for all I know, it was a rare game), but it was still good to get rid of it and get some money for it. It doesn't seem like we would be able to get all that much for it on Ebay right now.

One of the only things that we didn't sell at the garage sale next door was the Christmas tree. We were disappointed that it didn't go, since we had marked it all the way down to $10 (it started out at $20 during the last garage sale). No one showed any interest in it. That turned out to be a good thing, though, because the woman who had said that she was going to come back for it a couple of weeks ago showed up at our door this evening! She bought the tree for $15 (which was just between the price that I had written down on her paper and the price that I had been trying to get for it yesterday) and then she bought some of the clothes that my grandmother knit for $5. I also gave her a decorative gift bag for free and I gave her daughter the stuffed duck basket that she seemed to like so much. I was really happy because, before the woman left, she said "This is going to be a great Christmas." I was so glad to get the tree to someone who needed it. At that point, I almost wished that I had charged her even less. I hope that it works out well for her. She had two cute kids who deserve a nice Christmas.

Scott and I went grocery shopping today and bought TONS of food. We spent almost $300! We bought a lot of things to make actual meals with, though. Scott made us a pre-marinated beef tenderloin that was really good. He also made mashed potatoes and had a broccoli salad. It was a real meal!

In the morning, before we went next door for the garage sale, we went to get our fingerprints done for the adoption. It took much longer than I was hoping it would - they had to keep re-doing fingers that didn't have a "good" print (since both Scott and I have scars on our fingers, it was especially hard). But, we got it done and hopefully they won't have any problems with them!


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