Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mom slept over last night so that we could all go see Wallace and Gromit after church. Scott and I joked that since he's leaving for two weeks, we were trying to fit two weeks worth of events into the weekend. Jaden really liked the movie and Danielle was surprisingly good too. It only cost us $8 total to get into the movie! I guess their matinee price is only $2 per person at the Libertyville theatre. They only play a couple of movies, but I will definitely check to see if a movie is there before I go somewhere else!

So, we had a pretty fun day. Church was really good too. It was Willow's thirtieth anniversary celebration and they had a lot of people go up and tell their stories - basically stories about how Willow has touched their lives. Scott was really touched - he said that he had tears in his eyes pretty much the entire service.


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