Thursday, October 27, 2005

Today was a lazy day. Jaden didn't have school today because of a teacher conference and Scott's still in Las Vegas, of course, so I decided early in the day that we were just going to hang out in our pj's all day. And that we did.

It actually turned out to be a pretty fun day. Jaden discovered the game cabinet. We played his Memory game and then we "played" cards, dominoes, Yahtzee, Battleship and Othello. He actually had several other games out as well, but they didn't even have any fun pieces to play with, so I convinced him that he should play something else. It was really cute how excited he was about the games. He especially loved playing with the dominoes. We set them up and then he would "huff and puff and blow them down." Danielle was actually blowing down domino houses as well. They were pretty adorable blowing down the dominoes together.

I couldn't sleep tonight, so I called Scott (at about midnight). He was in Vegas on the "old strip". Apparently, they have a cool TV that's blocks long that plays every hour. One of the guys from work was playing 21 and they had gone to a goofy biker bar where the waitresses were really mean (that's their gimmick). Sounded like he's having fun. I'm glad that he's able to enjoy his trip. He said that the work stuff is going well - it even looks like they're going to have power in the building earlier than they were expecting to, so that's a very good thing.

Other than that, not much to say about today. It was a nice relaxing day.


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