Friday, October 28, 2005

Today was relatively uneventful. Jaden didn't have school again, so I decided to go to the mall for lunch and to return Danielle's coat. Of course, I forgot to bring the coat! Oh well, I mostly just wanted to get out of the house with the kids. We ate (me at Taco Bell, they at McDonalds) and then we went downstairs and the kids played in the castle play area. It worked out well.

Tonight, I ordered some ribs from Papa Saverio's Pizza and had them delivered. I guess I was feeling jealous because of all the good food Scott's getting to eat in Las Vegas! :-) Jaden didn't fall asleep until late, so when the delivery man came he said, "Is he bringing me some pizza?" I thought that was pretty cute. I told him that maybe another day we could have the man come back and bring us some pizza. I watched Shine on DVD, which was a pretty good movie. It was a good way to pass the evening.


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