Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well, today was the day we have been waiting for. Scott came home! I had a rehearsal for this weekend's drama this morning and then spent most of the afternoon cleaning the house. I thought that if I were gone for two weeks, I would want to come home to a nice, clean house.

Scott got here at about 4:00, and suggested that we all go outside and jump in some leaves. Boy, did Jaden love that idea! The kids both had so much fun! It was really cute. They are funny, though. Neither of them wanted to get too much into the leaves. Jaden wanted to run through them, but he wasn't so sure about rolling in them. And Danielle liked to throw them up in the air, but she seemed really concerned if there were leaves actually on her. The expression on her face when we sat her down in the leaves was priceless! She just sat there, lifting her legs up a bit, looking at us like "What are you doing to me?!" But she absolutely loved it when Scott would throw the leaves up in the air and they would come raining down on them. Go figure!

We decided not to go to class tonight, since Scott had just come home. My mom stayed until the kids were in bed and then went home. Scott and I had a very nice evening together until he told me that he had broken a promise that he made me. His homecoming was pretty much spoiled at that point and we had a VERY bad night. It's amazing how quickly things can change.


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