Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mom came over this morning so that I could go to drama workshop and she's hanging out with us the whole weekend (and next weekend too!). Drama workshop was good. I did an improvisational exercise with the new guy, Kevin. It went alright, but Deanna pointed out that we were missing an essential key to the scene because we just didn't show a sense of the importance of our relationship (we were supposed to be getting married and had just broken off the engagement on the day we were getting married). It's funny how much I let that sort of thing bother me. I kept thinking about how she was right and how much better the scene could have been. I kept replaying it in my mind, changing how I had reacted to certain things. Even when I went to bed tonight, I found myself thinking about it. So silly! I just always want to do a good job and I feel some pressure in Promiseland to be the "best," which is just ridiculous and egotistical. I can't help it though. I guess it's all part of the insecurities that made acting really difficult for me in general.

Anyway, after I got back from drama workshop, we put the kids down for naps and watched some TV.

In the evening, my mom and I decided to play Yahtzee. We really had a lot of fun. We didn't want to stop. In fact, we ended up playing until almost midnight. We were saying, "Well, with the time change tonight, it's really only 11:00." Of course, I was also saying, "Yes, but Jaden's not going to know about the time change and we're going to be sorry when he wakes up at 5:30." But, we really wanted to keep playing, so we decided to take the consequences of being tired tomorrow. It's the most fun we've had together in awhile. I'm glad we played.


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