Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jaden was so cute today. He was looking at pictures that Scott had brought back from work - showing me each one and telling me about it. Most of them were of him, but there was one of our wedding. He said, "Mommy, this is a picture of you and Daddy when you got married! You should bring me here because I never seen you when you got married." It was so cute. Scott said, "Jaden, do you want to see a movie of when Mommy and Daddy got married?" Jaden's face totally lit up - he was so excited!

So, we all sat down and watched the movie. While Scott and I were saying our vows, Jaden said, "There's too much talking going on in this movie." We all laughed so hard! It was nice to see the video again, though. During the song that I wrote for Scott, my mom, Scott and Lisa all cried!

In the morning, I went to drama workshop. In the evening, Mom and I went to Kohls and I got a couple of really cute sweaters for really cheap!


Blogger Sam said...

lol... that is so cute and funny...

8:15 PM  
Blogger Edna said...

Very cute.

By the way, did I understand that you adopted an African American child? We are a white couple who also adopted an AA child and currently waiting to have a second one placed with us. Our son is just over 2yo now and makes me laugh everyday with his questions and acts. Anycase, happy parenting!

By the way, have you learned how to braid hair? I got a sense of accoplishment the other day when I learned how to do "twist". Now, if I can only learn braids... hmmmm



1:51 PM  

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