Friday, January 06, 2006

Today was a very good day. We got our dossier sent out! Scott made the copies this morning, and I went and picked them up. Then, we met at a mail place at lunchtime and got our passport size pictures taken. Afterward, we all went to Portillos and had a celebratory lunch! It was really nice. Jaden has amazed us with his memory lately. While we were eating, he said, "I had these hot dogs at Grandma Hewitt's." At first we weren't sure what he meant, but then I remembered that we went to the Portillo's by Scott's parents' over the summer! I can't believe he remembered that! He really loved his hot dog, though. He gobbled it up. Then, at dinner, we had corn and he said, "I want my corn rolled up." We had no idea what he was talking about, but then he said, "Like I had on my birthday." Corn on the cob! Once again, I can't believe that he remembered that we had corn on the cob for his birthday. I swear, he has the best memory!

Danielle was being a stinker pot this evening. She was being really fussy and in the evening, she was crying because I took away her crayons. She cried for a full five minutes - you could tell that she was totally forcing herself to keep crying, but she wouldn't stop. Finally, I had to put her up in her crib. After a few minutes, she decided that it wasn't worth it to keep crying anymore. Such a crab!

She's talking so much more lately, though. It's really cute to hear her talk about things around her. She points at things and names them now - "flower" "book" "bone" - she also says "Dora" when she hears Dora talk. And, at night, she folds her little hands and says, "Amen" after we pray - so cute!


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