Friday, December 30, 2005

My mom came over again today and we took the kids to get their pictures taken. The trip started out pretty rocky. I gave the kids a bath and then took a shower while my mom got them dressed. When I came downstairs, I saw that Jaden's sweater was HUGE - it looked AWFUL! I was so bummed because both Scott and I had been so excited about this sweater - it was so cute! But, it definitely didn't look cute on. I was so upset. So, my mom and I rushed out of the house so that we could go buy him another shirt. We bought one at JCPenney that matched Danielle's dress really well. It fit him just perfectly - it will probably be too small soon, but I didn't have much choice. We tried looking at some other places, but no one else had anything that would work.

So, we started out being ten minutes late for our appointment, and they told us that they had another appointment at 11:00 (in twenty minutes), so I felt really rushed. I was so bummed at the way everything was going. Then, Danielle just did not want to sit down where the woman was trying to put her. She absolutely refused. Jaden was actually being pretty good, but he would refuse to behave as soon as she would cooperate, of course. Finally, the other lady came over and got them to "play" a bit - that worked much better and the session went much better after that. They were using a bear to get Jaden and Danielle to smile, but then Danielle REALLY wanted the bear. We ended up letting her hold him in the rest of the pictures.

Scott came and met us for lunch. Then, we all went and looked at the pictures. Of course, they all turned out really cute and we want them all! We just ordered on 8x10 (the free one with our membership) and decided to look on the internet and pick out more.

Surprisingly, Scott came home early from work tonight, which made the day even better. We all played Yahtzee to round out the evening.


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