Thursday, February 09, 2006

My friend Julie came over today. It's been a very long time since I've seen her, so it was nice to catch up. Jaden and Patrick seemed to really enjoy playing together. Patrick had a really huge meltdown and I have to admit that it actually made me feel kind of good to see someone ELSE'S kid acting crazy. I got to sit there and think, "Ah, at least Jaden hasn't been acting that bad lately." I know it's horrible, but that's the way I felt. Julie and her husband have had a really hard time lately. Awhile back (probably two years or so), someone stole Brian's identity and put them in a lot of financial trouble. Then, the UPS store that they own wasn't making money, so they tried to sell it, but the sale fell through. Brian got a job as a manager at Walgreens and Julie had to start working at the UPS store and put Patrick into day care. Well, I guess Brian recently hurt his back at work and was off of work for two months. They are now in a legal battle with the store because they don't believe that he hurt his back at work. And, now he got fired. So, they've just been having a really hard time with things. I think that Julie really wanted to re-connect with people so that she could have someone to talk to. Anyway, we had a really nice visit.

Tonight, Scott and I watched two movies that Erin had rented. So, that was a nice end to the day.


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