Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today was a good day, even though I was still feeling a bit sick. We went to Denny's for lunch and had such a great time! I know it sounds funny, but we just had a really nice lunch. Jaden was being cute and started talking to the woman who was standing next to us. She really seemed to enjoy talking to him and was asking him all sorts of questions. He talks so enthusiastically - his little hands move all around. She said, "I hope you have him on video talking like that." I wonder if we do. I'll definitely have to make sure that we get it if we don't already have it. When we sat down at our table, we sat right next to the woman and her father. The kids were just angels during the whole meal and she commented on how good they were. It was just really nice family time.

The rest of the day, I was feeling a bit nauseous, so it wasn't that great, but the lunch made it a really good day anyway.

It was Erin's birthday today and Jaden was so cute - we didn't get a cake (Erin and Lisa went out to dinner) and Jaden said so enthusiastically, "We should make Uncle Erin a cake!" It was already 7:00, so I told Jaden that it was a bit too late. When Erin came in, Jaden said, "Mommy and Daddy forgot to make your birthday cake and now Mommy says it's getting too late." It was so sweet. He also picked out a card for Erin and wanted to color it. I wish that we had had a cake for Erin, just for Jaden's sake!


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