Saturday, February 04, 2006

Today was Harry & Sam Surma's birthday party. It was at the children's museum in Naperville and Jaden and Danielle both had a lot of fun. Afterward, we went back to Tony and Jen's new house. It's really nice. They are lucky in that they were able to afford to hire people to take down wallpaper and paint the whole house before they moved in. Wouldn't that be nice. They also re-did the kitchen with granite countertops and a really fancy sink and they bought a flat screen TV that hangs on the wall and had speakers installed in the ceiling of the family room. Pretty spiffy! Right now, they're having their basement finished - complete with a media room! Now, that I'm jealous about! We had a really nice time hanging out with Tony and Jen - It's been over a year since we'd seen them in person. We definitely need to get together with them more often.

Tonight, we went to a CDW party downtown. We were supposed to take a bus down there, but it turned out that the buses were full, so we had to drive. We ended up driving four other people down too. Unfortunately, my stomach started really hurting on the drive down, though. I ended up making a few trips to the bathroom while we were at the party and I was, well, sick. But, the evening was still kind of fun - Scott really enjoyed it, especially.


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