Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today Scott was named CDW's Coworker of the Month! Every time we get the CDW newsletter and I read about that month's COTM, I always think "Scott should get that. He works so hard and cares so much about his job." Well, this month, he did get it! I am really excited for him and he is really happy about it too. In fact, he said that he is more excited about it than he would have expected to be. It's nice for him to get some special recognition for the excellent job he's been doing.

Tonight, we went to the Mundelein Willow Creek meeting. Shannon (who's house it was at) found us a babysitter! She's only twelve, and just starting out with babysitting, but it's about the easiest babysitting job she could possibly have - we put the kids down before she got here. She cleaned up the toys in the family room, but otherwise just got to sit and watch TV.''

We really enjoyed the meeting, though. We are excited at the possibility of hosting a Bible study group at our house. Hopefully, that will work out because we would love to get connected to a small group, but it's hard with the kids. We also just really enjoyed talking to some of the people at the meeting and getting to know them. We were the last people to leave!


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