Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scott stayed home sick again, which actually worked out great for me because even though he wasn't able to help with the kids at all, I was able to leave during nap times. So, Jaden and I went and got haircuts while Danielle was taking her morning nap. Then, while both of the kids were taking their afternoon naps, I drove to Wheaton and got copies of my birth certificate. It was two hours of driving for five minutes in an office! But, I had to go during the week, during work hours, so it was much better to at least make the trip without the kiddies.

We ordered a Roomba Red from tonight. It's a robotic vacuum cleaner. I was on a conference call with Kevin and he said that he got one at Home Depot on clearance for $100. He said that it is great on the hardwood floors. Between dog hair and crumbs, our hardwood floors could really use an automatic vacuum! We called Home Depot and they said they didn't have any. But, then, Kevin said that he found a site that had it for $50.99 with a coupon code! Even with shipping, it's less than $65. People thought it was a pricing mistake. I guess we'll see, but for now it seems like our order has gone through! To add to the pricing goofiness, I (for some reason) glanced at the shipping options and noticed that 2 day air was the same price as ground shipping. So, we should have it by Monday! Cool!


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