Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Today was a pretty frustrating day on some counts. First of all, I didn't do Jaden's picture or video. I meant to ask Scott to do it while I was at my meeting at Se-kure, but I forgot to. :-(

I drove out to Waukegan to get Jaden and Danielle's birth certificates and our marriage certificate. I forgot to bring the directions - Luckily, I remembered what they said and miraculously didn't make any wrong turns. Unfortunately, when I got there, I had a hard time finding a parking space. Dragging the kids two blocks to get there was not something I was looking forward to. I ended up driving around a couple of times and luckily a spot opened up right in front of the building. I was not thrilled at the prospect of paralell parking, but the spot was big enough that I managed it with relative ease. Of course, I went in the furthest entrance from the office I needed to go to. I had to walk through the entire building (with the kids in tow, of course). The good thing was, the actual process of getting the certificates was pretty easy. I thought I might have to wait an hour or something to get them, but they were able to print them immediately. And I got a little clipboard and a pencil for Jaden. He was able to color while we waited. The biggest issue was keeping Danielle from walking away. Now that she can walk, I can't keep her to stay still!

So, we went to McDonalds for lunch after we got the certificates. We just ate in the car - it was already pretty late. By the time I got the kids to bed, it was already almost 3:00.

So, then I had to go to this Se-Kure meeting, which I was really not looking forward to. I just feel so disconnected from the project. I was almost ready to just say "You guys don't really need my help." So, I started driving there and got lost! I stayed on 94 instead of going on 294. The directions were confusing because they just said to stay on the tri-state. I don't know what the tri-state is! Anyway, I went the wrong way and called Scott. He confirmed that I had done the wrong way and told me just to turn around. But then, there was no way to get on 294 South from there! So, I suddenly saw the sign for 22 and knew that I had already passed 294. Ugh!

I got there about ten minutes late, but it didn't matter. Kevin was late too and Roger was on the phone when we got there. Once I talked to them a bit, I felt better about my involvement. Roger asked that we start having monthly meetings, which should help get us on track. I also suggested that we do a weekly conference call (just me, Kevin and David), so that we can keep better track of what's going on in the project. So, overall, the meeting went well.

When I got home (after only getting lost once this time :-), Scott informed me that we have bees in our family room attic, not mice, which is what we had thought. At 9 PM, he asked me to go to Home Depot to get a bug killer called Sevin that he read about on the internet. I have to admit that the very last thing I wanted to do tonight was get back in the car (my back was still hurting from my long car rides to and from the meeting). But, I felt kind of obligated, since he seemed to really want to get rid of the bees tonight. I drove to Home Depot, but was frustrated because I couldn't find a duster (which is what Scott told me he needed to apply the Sevin, which comes in powder form). The guys at Home Depot insisted that the Sevin was not what I should have been buying, but I knew it was what Scott wanted. I was really wishing that I could just go home. I finally ended up buying both the Sevin and the fogger that they recommended. I figured that way Scott could just choose what he wanted.

The Sevin did work out, though. Scott was very glad that I had gotten it. Hopefully it will end our bee problem. Ugh!


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