Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I hate the fact that, during the day, I think of all these things that I should write in my journal, but then by the time I actually write, I can never remember any of the cute things that happened. I remember that the kids did something that I thought was cute during lunch, but I don't remember what it was!

One cute thing that Jaden says - when he's playing with his toys and something "happens," he says a phrase that I have figured out is his equivalent of "Oh no! What are we going to do?" Except, he always mixes up phrases, so instead he says "Oh no! How we never gonna do?" It's pretty cute! Just like, instead of saying, "What is it?" he says "What it is?" Just little things like that are so cute to listen to.

Scott has had a cold for the last few days and decided to stay home today. The kids and I went to playgroup in the morning. It was nice, but Jaden started getting pretty fussy at the end (and Danielle too - but I know she was tired). Well, then neither of them took afternoon naps (they both just stayed up in bed for a couple of hours) and Jaden was in meltdown mode the entire evening. He was really ridiculous! He had several time-outs, but he was pretty much just crying the entire evening for no real reason. It was crazy! It's funny, though - I almost have an easier time staying calm when he is being so unreasonable. For some reason, I can just tell myself that there is obviously something wrong with him at that point and it's easier to ignore.

I was disappointed, though, because I had really wanted to take Jaden to the family service at Willow tonight. But, obviously, he was in no state to go. I considered going by myself anyway, but I would have been late by the time I was done putting Jaden to bed. Plus, I was pretty exhausted at that point. Oh well. :-(


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