Friday, September 02, 2005

I had a doctor's appointment today, so Scott came home at lunchtime and watched the kids for me. Not sure how I feel about Dr. Perlis - she was SUPER nice, but she didn't really say much of anything about my actual exam. She didn't even give me a breast exam - I've never been to a gyne appointment where I didn't have a breast exam done. Scott was really upset when he heard that - he wanted me to go back, but I convinced him it would be okay.

I watched a movie today while the kids were napping. It was called "The Upside of Anger" and was very interesting. It was about a woman who turned into this really bitter alchoholic after her husband left her for his secretary. After three years, she found out that her husband had not left her after all - he had fallen down a well in their yard and had died! She had just assumed that he had left her because his secretary happened to go back to Sweden the same day that he disappeared. So, she spent three years of her life being bitter and angry about something that hadn't even happened.

I took pictures of Jaden and did videos of both Jaden and Danielle today. I was upset to see that the last date on Danielle's tape was JUNE 14th, not July 14th. I'm baffled - I hope that I didn't actually miss a month somehow. It's bad enough that I was so late this month. Urgh!

Tonight, we all went to Denny's for dinner. We had a really nice dinner - the kids were very good.


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