Saturday, September 03, 2005

Today, Scott and I started getting things ready for our garage sale, which we are planning for next weekend. My mom came over, so we were able to get a decent amount done (plus, my mom helped me).

My mom brought over steaks, potatoes and salad for us. She said she wanted to make us dinner since she's been eating over at our house so often. She and Scott made the food while I did some Encapsolution work. We ended up having the food for lunch, since we decided to go to Great America in the evening. It was great to have a real meal!

Scott and I left for Great America at about 5 PM. It was a great time to go - I guess since it's so late in the season. All of the rides had really short lines. We went on four rollercoasters - including the three brand-new rides. We could have gone on even more in the time that we had, but that was all that Scott could handle. He did really enjoy the rides, though, so that made me happy. I thought that he might get sick after the first one and not really want to go on more. Luckily, that didn't happen. We even waited to get on the first car of Deja Vu - We are so glad we did! That ride was really awesome! You are hanging under the track. You go (backwards) straight up, 90 degrees into the air and then shoot back down, you then go through a loop and a twist and then back up another straight track. Then you rush down again and do the whole thing again, backwards. Wow!! Talk about a rush!


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