Friday, February 10, 2006

Today was a really good day. It started out a bit shaky - I picked Jaden up from school and then we went to the mall. When I got there, I realized that I didn't have the stroller. So, that meant that I had to walk with both the kids - not so easy to do. I carried Danielle for a bit, but she gets very heavy after awhile. We got food for the kids at McDonalds and then sat down, but I wanted to get Taco Bell and the line was too far away. So, then I hauled the kids over to another table (which was no small feat, since Danielle was in the high chair and we had all the food and the coats to carry). I then waited in the Taco Bell line for a LONG time - the lady behind the counter was having difficulties. After I ate my food, Jaden suddenly said that he needed to go potty! So, I had to gather everything together and get us into the bathroom, quick. Oh boy! While we were in the bathroom, a woman came in with a little girl who was about a year old. Jaden was so cute, he said, "Mommy, that baby is as cute as my baby!" (He was talking about Danielle - I thought it was so cute that he called her "my baby." The mom got a kick out of that too. Then, Jaden proceeded to talk about how he was going to get big and strong like Daddy by eating a lot of food. Such a cute conversation.

Danielle was cute today too. For the first time, she requested a specific TV show. She picked up the remote and said, "Go, go" (which is how she says, "Go, Diego, Go!"). She also asked for "Blues Clues" ("ooo hooo"). I thought it was so cute that she was actually making requests. She never specifically asked me to turn on the TV before. Of course, in a day or two, I'll be sorry and wishing that she wasn't wanting to watch TV, but for now it's cute.

Tonight, Scott and I went to Big Bowl for dinner. Scott had gotten a $25 gift card from CDW for Christmas, so we had a really nice dinner for cheap. It was great to get out for a date!


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