Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well, today didn't turn out the way we were planning. I went to drama workshop in the morning (as planned), but when I got home, Jaden was acting pretty lethargic. Scott said that he'd been acting that way all day and hadn't wanted to eat. We put the kids down for their naps a bit early. When Jaden woke up, he was obviously not feeling well at all. We decided that there was no way we should go to Chuck E Cheese. He put up just a tiny fight and then agreed to lay down and watch a movie in the family room. He didn't move from one spot the whole night and only ate one cookie, when two were offered. He didn't even mention popcorn (which Scott had offered when we talked about the movie). And then, when the movie was over, he actually asked if he could go to bed. Now, that was proof that he was very sick! Unfortunately, the undeniable proof came at about 10:00 when Jaden threw up. Luckily, he only got himself and the bathtub messy - I gave him a bath and put him back to bed. Surprisingly, (and happily) he wasn't sick again, though.

My mom and I worked on a scrapbooking layout during the kids' nap and after they went to bed. I was REALLY happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to do more.


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