Saturday, February 11, 2006

I had a very nice birthday. First of all, Scott got me Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. Then, he made bacon and, later, rice krispie treats. Yum! Then, Scott and Jaden made me a cake (we didn't eat it yet, though). My mom came over and we all went to see Curious George. It was a really cute movie and both Jaden and Danielle enjoyed it a lot. I was especially happy that Danielle seemed so fascinated with the movie. There were only a few minutes during the entire movie that she didn't just sit and watch. She was really sweet - she really liked George.

After the movie, we came home and the kids took their naps. Mom and I got our scrapbooking stuff together while we waited for the kiddos to wake up. When they did wake up, we had my birthday celebration - we ate cake and I opened my presents from Mom. She, of course, gave me lots of scrapbooking stuff. I couldn't leave it at home when I had all this new, neat stuff, so I had to re-organize my bag so I could bring everything with me to the workshop.

So, after the celebration, Mom, Lisa, Alyce and I went to our night of scrapbooking at Archiver's. I thought that 5 1/2 hours of scrapbooking was going to be way too long, but it actually went by really fast. We ate and had three different demos during the session, so the time was broken up. And, of course, I had to look through the store a few times. :-) I was a bit disappointed at first because I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, but as the night went on it got better. I ended up finishing one layout (minus journaling) and starting another. I think if I go to another workshop I'll have things a bit more planned out. But, we really enjoyed ourselves anyway. My mom made Valentines for the kids and they are so cute! When we left at 11:00, we actually still felt like scrapbooking. I ended up going up to bed because I knew we were going to be going to church in the morning, but my mom, Lisa and Alyce stayed up until 2 AM!


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