Monday, March 20, 2006

We didn't go to playgroup today because Jaden had a field trip at school. They went to some Dr. Scholl's exhibit about feet. Didn't sound that exciting to me and it must not have been because all Jaden would say was, "That field trip wasn't fun enough for me. It wasn't very enciting." Haha! Ever the critic!

In the evening, I picked up a pillow from someone who was freecycling it and then I took the kids to McDonalds. It was the perfect time to go because no one else was there and the kids had the play area to themselves for quite awhile. Danielle was having a lot of fun trying to climb up the slide and then sliding back down. After awhile, another little girl, a bit older than Jaden, showed up with her dad. She was a perfect match for Jaden and they had so much fun playing together! They pretended that monsters were chasing them and they pretended to have super-powers and they basically climbed around in the play area, chasing each other. Their personalities seemed so similar - it was great! Danielle really wanted to play with them - she kept standing at the bottom of the play area and trying to jump and stretch - as if she could possibly reach them all the way at the top. Finally, I decided to climb up into the tubes with her - pretty brave of me, considering that my claustrophobia makes the thought of those tubes might unappealing. We climbed around and then slid down the slide together. It was actually really fun. We were at McDonalds for quite awhile.

Jaden's new little friend's name was Maya and they had a really cute little interaction - Jaden started to say, "Do you want to..." and then kind of stopped because he couldn't get the rest of the words out (which often happens with him). She chimed in, "Be your friend?" He gave her a little puzzled look that told me that's not what he had been trying to say and started again, "Do you want to..." Again, he couldn't get the words out. "Be your friend?" she chimed in, eagerly. Another puzzled look. And then his little face changed as if he was thinking, "Yeah, yours is better. I'll go with that" "Do you want to... be my friend" he said this time. "Yes!" she cheered enthusiastically! Later, when we had to leave, another little boy had shown up and Maya asked him if he wanted to play with her. Jaden stopped and yelled, "No, you're my friend!" It was really cute. Poor kiddo didn't want to be replaced.


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