Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Scott's mom came over today while I went to the doctor to get my physical. The appointment took almost two hours by the time I got my blood work done. But, I really liked the doctor, which is good.

Elaine took Jaden over to her house to spend the night. It was so strange not to have him here. Scott and I took Danielle to the park and it was such a different experience than going to the park with Jaden. Have to admit, it was nice to have a little downtime at home.

But, when I went upstairs for bed, I almost forgot that he wasn't there and it made me miss him. I went into his room, like I always do and I hugged his blanket and said goodnight to the air. I wished that I had called earlier in the evening to say goodnight, but I knew that he was fine and probably having a great time at Grandma's.

They went for a boat ride in the evening, and Elaine said that Jaden loved it. Then, they went to the park. She said that he went to bed with no problem whatsoever. My good boy!


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