Monday, August 22, 2005

Today could have been a disappointment, but it ended up okay. First of all, I went to the doctor to get my test results and my notarized letter, but the doctor was out sick today. Not a big deal - just a bit of a pain to get the kids in the car, etc.

Scott and I were planning to go to Great America this evening. He had a meeting until 5 PM, so we were going to go at around 6 or something. But, at about 5, it occurred to me that I had better check to make sure that Great America was opened normal hours - turns out it closed at 7 PM!! :-( I was pretty bummed, but we decided to go to a movie instead.

Before we went to the movie, we talked about names some more. I brought up the name Noah. During the service when God first told me that we should adopt, Noah was one of the main examples that Mike Breaux used to illustrate someone who obeyed God, even though people thought he was crazy and he wasn't sure of the outcome. I thought that this would be a good, meaningful name that we could use. Scott agreed. So, now we've got our list down to three names - Derrick, Emmanuel and Noah.

We went to see "Wedding Crashers", which was really hysterical in a very disturbing way. It was definitely raunchy humor, which I usually don't like at all. But, I had to admit that the movie was funny. It didn't rely too much on disgusting visual jokes - it was mostly verbal stuff. Still, I almost feel guilty for enjoying the movie. Pretty goofy, huh?


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